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Jan. 10th, 2016

So, yeah. Still alive.


Blogging in November ~ Day 30

Ok, last day!

30.We started the month with something funny. Send us off with something else that tickles your funny bone!

Since I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, how about this for everyone who can remember msn messenger?

33 Unwritten Rules of MSN


Ranting about work, again

I'll have to apologise for this in advance, 'cause I don't seem to use lj much at the minute if I'm not following a prompt or ranting about work, and this is regarding the latter, again, but aside from dumping on my best friend I just need to get this off my chest whether anyone reads it or not.

Every year we're expected to tick off what days we'd prefer to work around the Christmas holidays (with the emphasis on Boxing Day or New Year's Day), and we're always warned it doesn't necessarily mean we'll get those days. Now, maybe this ego talking, but considering I'm one of maybe five people out of twenty five who work the most hours at that place I would have thought that meant I would be granted some small amount of precedence. And yet for some reason I've been given pretty much the exact opposite of every day I said I'd work, culminating in the fact that I would have preferred to work Boxing Day over New Years and I've been given the opposite. And yet everyone else who'll be working over Christmas has been given the days they asked for. I just... I don't get it. It's been suggested that I try to sort this by swapping shifts with someone. But I can guarantee anyone who's been given New Year's off won't swap it even if I myself paid them to, because they'll all have been out the night before getting wasted. Ok, so I wanted to not have to get up New Years and head off to work, but I doubt I'll be going out and there's a good chance family members who I never get to see much will be around those days rather than Christmas itself which is why I wanted it off in the first place.

And I keep being given six day working weeks, and no one else is. I mean how am I supposed to live? Yeah, I'm earning a wage but one day off a week does not a social life make. And it always seems to be my fault for not pointing it out, but what am I supposed to say? I'm on a zero hour contract - you can't really get much lower than that.

Honestly, the culmination of this has pretty much had me in tears, and no job should make you feel that way.


Blogging in November ~ Day 29

29.What movie, book, or TV episode makes you cry without fail? (Or get wibbly, if you're not a crier.)

Both Star Trek (the reboot) and Up get me within the first ten minutes, which I think is pretty unusual for a film when its the end that usually is the tearjerker. To that end Gladiator always gets me at the end, and quite recently Pacific Rim has managed it as well.

The Hunger Games (book and film) get me around [Spoiler (click to open)]Rue's death although the book is during, whereas the film is more afterwards [Spoiler (click to open)]when we see the reaction to it in District 11. And Catching Fire managed it at multiple points as well.

Tv wise I think the ones I'd have to go for are perhaps Doctor Who's new series episode Doomsday, or Buffy's The Gift.

Blogging in November ~ Days 25 - 28

Yay! I'm up to speed!

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Blogging In November ~ days 21 - 24

Ok, this one got away from me.

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Blogging in November ~ Days 18 - 20

And this whole blogging in November thing started off so well... sort of...

18.Share your favourite fandom places/sites outside of LJ.

So this is probably down to SFX, which I generally go on to get sci-fi/fantasy type news and tv/film reviews. Empire, a film magazine website for general film stuff, and AO3 for fics, because I think that's where most of it seems to be nowadays.

19.What about fandom drives you crazy sometimes?

Message boards - I'm looking at you IMDB, although some of the film magazine websites like Empire's boards aren't immune. I thinking the type of thing where someone voices an opinion and flame wars ensue, just because one person completely rejects the other's opinion and that by extension makes them a bad person. People are entitled to their own views! (Even if I disagree lol) Just sayin'.

20.Who is your favourite sidekick

I'm just going to pick Watson for this, because most of what I watch tends to be ensemble pieces and the character is pretty much the only one I can think that fits the sidekick role. I particularly like the modern re-discovery that Watson is not a complete idiot - he's not stupid, but not everyone can stand next to Sherlock and appear clever. Still, he's got his own skills, he's a very good doctor and he's good in a fight. And if it's the Joan Watson version she can give back Sherlock as good as he gives.


blogging in November ~ day 16

16.What are your favourite doomed ships? Ships that never were? Canon ships?

Ah, playing catch up time again.

I don't think I've ever had a favourite doomed ship, thinking about it. Perhaps House/Cuddy? Because they spent what, six years building towards it and then junked it a season later. And then I found out the writers had no intention of it actually working out anyway, which pretty much made me lose faith in the whole show no matter how great Hugh Laurie is.

Ships that never were, I'd have to go with Malcolm/Hoshi from Enterprise, which was pretty much born of a line in the season three finale and made me go looking for fic to satisfy it.

Canon ships? These tend to follow whatever is recent to be honest. Tony/Pepper is one, because I think over three/four movies its been allowed to move forward naturally (as it can) for the characters. Alternatively, I do like Spock/Uhura from the reboot Star Trek continuity.

blogging in November ~ day 15

15.We're halfway there and it's a Friday! Just pimp something you've made and/or written.

There's always my fic master list to point people towards if they feel like taking a look, but in the meantime I'll refer you to one of my own favourites from that list (which it feels weird to say, to be honest): Sword Fights and Wands, where I some how managed to combine Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean. Or, The Green Flash, a Temeraire/Pirates of the Caribbean fic.

blogging in november ~ day 14

14.Write about your first fandom crush(es).

Oh I dunno, probably Jack Sparrow. I couldn't give you a proper reason why (that's why they're crushes, right?) but I certainly preferred him to Will Turner (no offence, Orlando Bloom lol).



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