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Blogging in November ~ Days 25 - 28

Yay! I'm up to speed!

25.We're on a roll with the holiday stuff. So… what's your favorite holiday movie or TV episode?

Tv episode... That's probably going to have to be Doctor Who's The Christmas Invasion, if nothing else because it has killer Christmas trees (which is funnier than it sounds, honest). And it was David Tennant's first proper episode as the Doctor. Film is a bit trickier, because tbh I've never been a massive fan of Christmassy films. To that end I'm going to cheat and say either Iron Man 3 or Die Hard, because they're both set at Christmas.

26.It's officially one month till Christmas! Post your favorite holiday song.

Definitely Fairytale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Fairytale of New York

27.What's a TV show you don't particularly like anymore, but still watch for some reason? Why? (If you're smarter than most of us, which show did you want to love, but gave up on?)

I don't think I have an answer for the first question, because I pretty much either love a show all the way through whatever its faults (Primeval was a good example of this) or I stop watching a few episodes in because I've lost interest already. Once Upon A Time was sort of an example of the second, as I watched a few episodes of the first season and gave up. But then for whatever odd reason I caught the second season, and picked it up again from there. Still haven't watched the rest of the first season though...

Oh, BBC's Atlantis is kind of a combination of the two for me at the moment, because I want to love it (there's a sad lack of sci-fi/fantasy on British tv), but it really is making it hard for itself by near constantly coming across as Merlin's poor cousin. Maybe it's just me and missing the latter show, but most of the main characters seem to be expies and its not hard to see the creators produced both shows. I'm just waiting for it to find its own feet really, else I probably will dump it after this season.

28.What fandom and/or ship do you Just Not Get that everyone else seems to love?

A Song of Ice and Fire, I think. Sagas usually put me off for starters because I really can't deal with having to play catch up on someone's complicated set up (as good as it may be). But I tried HBO's Game of Thrones when it started, and just about managed to stick with it to the end of the first season and I'll be honest, what lets it down for me is the lack of fantasy. There was too much politics and stuff, and the whole thing is obviously set for the slow burn which might be ok for some, but its not for me. My sister pretty much makes sure I'm up to speed on the whole thing anyway, whether I want her to or not.


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Nov. 29th, 2013 05:12 am (UTC)
Atlantis is awesome. :) Reminds me very much of the old Hercules and Xena series, in fact it comes across as that much more so than anything to do with Merlin. It is a mistake to compare the two, I don't know why people keep on with the comparison games when producers move on to other projects. I'm actually enjoying Atlantis more than Merlin, and I'm a life-long fan of the Arthurian legends. Give it a shot with no expectations of it being like one thing or the other. ;)

What do you mean by "expies"? Never heard that term before.

All respect!
Kam ;)
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