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Ranting about work, again

I'll have to apologise for this in advance, 'cause I don't seem to use lj much at the minute if I'm not following a prompt or ranting about work, and this is regarding the latter, again, but aside from dumping on my best friend I just need to get this off my chest whether anyone reads it or not.

Every year we're expected to tick off what days we'd prefer to work around the Christmas holidays (with the emphasis on Boxing Day or New Year's Day), and we're always warned it doesn't necessarily mean we'll get those days. Now, maybe this ego talking, but considering I'm one of maybe five people out of twenty five who work the most hours at that place I would have thought that meant I would be granted some small amount of precedence. And yet for some reason I've been given pretty much the exact opposite of every day I said I'd work, culminating in the fact that I would have preferred to work Boxing Day over New Years and I've been given the opposite. And yet everyone else who'll be working over Christmas has been given the days they asked for. I just... I don't get it. It's been suggested that I try to sort this by swapping shifts with someone. But I can guarantee anyone who's been given New Year's off won't swap it even if I myself paid them to, because they'll all have been out the night before getting wasted. Ok, so I wanted to not have to get up New Years and head off to work, but I doubt I'll be going out and there's a good chance family members who I never get to see much will be around those days rather than Christmas itself which is why I wanted it off in the first place.

And I keep being given six day working weeks, and no one else is. I mean how am I supposed to live? Yeah, I'm earning a wage but one day off a week does not a social life make. And it always seems to be my fault for not pointing it out, but what am I supposed to say? I'm on a zero hour contract - you can't really get much lower than that.

Honestly, the culmination of this has pretty much had me in tears, and no job should make you feel that way.



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